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American-swiss artist Milune shares her alluring yet menacing indie-pop offering 'lunacy'

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American-Swiss rising star Milune aspires to create a safe space for anyone struggling with issues like mental health, sexuality, and discovering oneself in the midst of the rigours of life and love. This is her greatest passion.

'lunacy,' the latest indie-pop release from Milune, has an alluring and menacing vibe. The summery, upbeat song is best enjoyed through headphones with the volume turned all the way up. The listener will be captivated by her emotive vocals and intriguing production, which also features guitar, synth, and keys.

The captivating track showcases Milune’s ever-growing musical talents and creativity. Drawing from her resonating topics and experience, ‘lunacy’ sharpens her music discography. As she evolves both personally and professionally, her craft displays her dedication to unwaveringly lay the foundation for her presence in the music industry.

“Enjoying the madness (lunacy) is such a cool part of growing up and life in general. Sometimes, the way to truly heal is accepting the crazy,” Milune comments on the track.

Milune, raised in a musical environment, began composing songs in her adolescence. Her mother managed music and vocal studios, and the support of her mother’s musical experience fueled her career. She released her debut single ‘what am i living for?’ in 2022. Her follow-up singles ‘rose garden’, and ‘hide’, overall showcase her musical abilities to her devoted fans.

In parallel, Milune has been growing a fan base on social media, connecting with them over shared struggles with mental health and accepting oneself despite social pressures, such as being a part of the LGBTQI+ community.

With numerous label offers, a sync deal, significant interest from acclaimed producers, and international shows in renowned music hubs around the world like Brussels, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, 2023 has so far been full of high notes. Milune is incredibly thrilled to be able to share her art and continue growing her fanbase worldwide.


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