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YOUNG JIMMY's unique & authentic style dubbed HOOD ROCK:

Putting the evolutionary sub-genre on the map

Photo credit: Keisha B

Following the recent release of 'Pull Up To the Party' DELUXE (as seen in CLASH & Wordplay Magazine), alternative artist - YOUNG JIMMY - is slated to release the second body of work in his discography of genre-defying sound. 'Sweet Maria' will be available to stream 17th February 2023, and excited audiences await the upcoming 'DELUXE' album that will be reaching anticipated listeners this year.

“There is a lot of truth in the lyrics, it's meant to be a modern rock love song... I decided to add a solo at the end and played how I felt.” YOUNG JIMMY

Initially playful lyrics and guitar composition, 'Sweet Maria' blossomed in its recording stages. Adding a drummer and bassist, Young Jimmy looks back at his own experiences as motivation for the track. Recalling two Hispanic ex-girlfriends (Mexican & Dominican) and his experiences of falling in and out of love, Maria symbolises a lot of truth explored in the lyrics, opening up a melodic vulnerable side to the riff-heavy artist.

The stepson of Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Young Jimmy's musical ambitions were nurtured as he was introduced to the music business. inviting the budding artist to accompany Mele Mel as a Guitarist on multiple sold-out shows. Young Jimmy has gone on to share the stage with reputable artists like Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Saul Williams, and many more.

Raised in the poorest Congressional district of America, located in the Bronx, Young Jimmy's background has been a fundamental part of shaping his musical career and passion for recognising Rock N Roll’s roots in African American culture. From a single mother household and growing up in the surroundings of Congressional District 16 - notorious for the largest gang takedown in New York City history - Young Jimmy escaped through his musical upbringing. With Black American parents from the Carolinas and both families migrating to NYC in the 1960s during the ‘Great Migration’, his background heavily influenced the Recording Artist and the music released today.

Stream 'Maria' below:


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