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UK neo-soul and pop-esque artist Modeste shares his debut single 'Atmosphere'

23-year-old British singer, songwriter and producer Modeste’s musical passion began at a young age. Beginning his musical journey as a self taught drummer and keyboardist in church, where he picked up his earliest influences, he performed often whilst being greatly inspired by his older sister (Mckenzie Blaze), who is also a talented musician and poet. Now releasing his first-ever single ‘Atmosphere’, he is ready to take the music scene by storm with an array of atmospheric and heartfelt releases that have been recorded over the past couple of years, turning his dreams into a reality.

His sound and production are reminiscent of legends including Labrinth, John Legend and Emelie Sande with his new arrival channelling the energy of Labrinth’s incredible work during the early days of his break-out. The track feels like it should have been on one of the artists' EP in 2012, but offers a modern take on Neo-Soul with elevating electronic-tinged elements.

Opening with luscious piano melodies and Modeste’s elegant and sophisticated vocals, ‘Atmosphere’ is a raw and truly atmospheric soul-tinged affair. His vocals dominate the track whilst hard-hitting effects add to the track’s heart-wrenching message of experiencing a mental health struggle. It’s an enthralling work of art through the eyes of the beholder, as he unveils a cinematic offering with utter confidence and vulnerability.

“Atmosphere is about the emotion someone can feel when they are having an internal battle with their own mind. I felt this personally at a tough time in my life. It's me talking about losing my confidence in my teen years and regaining it later on. The feeling of being lost in the emotion itself.” - Modeste

Modeste’s debut single is undeniably relevant in the current light on mental health issues and struggles, whilst providing a very first stand-out track that is destined to resonate not only with soul, indie and pop fans but also with anyone experiencing a turbulent time in their lives right now. It’s an incredibly dense, emotional and reflective track which proves that he is an artist not to be missed, as he climbs far and wide within the music scene.

'Atmosphere' is out on streaming platforms, check it out below:


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