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Songstress Rexford shares a tantalizing peek into her forthcoming EP

'IDTYK (How To Love Me)’ shares a tantalizing and exciting peek into the highly-anticipated upcoming EP debut from Rexford, aka Sarah Tromley as she introduces her new . While deeply intimate and personal to the artist, the single speaks to anyone who has ever felt disregarded, deprioritized or invisible in a relationship.

The appeal of ‘IDTYKis that it’s never dreary, because ultimately it’s a song about hope and choosing peace within oneself over the chaos and toxicity of a dysfunctional non-reciprocal romantic relationship. Like her recently-released infectious single “One Horse Town,” this new track explores the act of unburdening oneself from the illusion that a hypothetical perfect love can offer protection from tainted experiences.

When Rexford concludes “I don’t think you know how to love me,” she’s embracing herself. The song is bursting with strong guitar chords and builds to an upbeat, sparkling crescendo. Rexford’s smooth vocal tone evokes a perfect Saturday morning, dancing around the bedroom with utter freedom and pure abandon. With a message of healthy boundaries laced with quiet chaos, ‘IDTYKwarmly invites the listener into their ‘confidence era’.

Along with the forthcoming EP, this fall, the Portland-native is dropping her self-titled short film, “Rexford.” Executively produced by and starring Sarah Tromley, Rexford’s alter-ego, the film explores the concept of home.

Reflecting on her latest offering, Sarah shared:

“It was so fun to shoot the Rexford short film, because it allowed me to tap into my inner multi-hyphenate self. Finding ways to give fans a glimpse into my world is cool when you can do it in creative ways that validate your journey,”

'IDTYK (How To Love Me) is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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