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Sir Winston unveils electrifying indie-sleaze single 'Perfectly Numb'

New York City based Australian DJ and producer Sir Winston is set to captivate music enthusiasts with his latest release - 'Perfectly Numb'. This highly anticipated single, taken from his forthcoming EP 'Démons à Combattre,' showcases Sir Winston's exceptional talent for blending genres and creating unique sonic experiences.

Recorded at Transmitter Studios in Brooklyn New York, Sir Winston reminisced, "everything flowed and ran like a dream for 'Perfectly Numb.' Reflecting on the process, he added, "We found the new sound we were after. Completing it brought total joy - I left the studio beaming."

Sir Winston is a prolific and diverse artist who thrives on the affinity between music and fashion. His music has already been used in big fashion campaigns including NIKE, VOGUE, Victoria’s Secret & Maybelline. He’s also designed and dropped several sustainable clothing collections under the brand name Sir Winston, culminating in a recent Pop-Up installation on the Lower East Side in Manhattan New York.

"Perfectly Numb" immerses listeners in an electrifying fusion of indie-sleaze and infectious dance beats. The track's exhilarating energy and upbeat tempo make it a perfect addition to any party playlist. Drawing inspiration from influential acts like LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, New Order, and darker bands like Nine Inch Nails, Sir Winston crafts a distinctive sound that resonates with both indie pop and electronic music lovers. Speaking of the track's inception, Sir Winston expressed his admiration for the arpeggiated synth riff, noting:

"I love the arpeggiated synth riff – the track grew from that riff and the bass line. When the synth riff was looping in the studio, I yelled, 'this is making me perfectly numb' - Booooooom!"

Accompanying the “Perfectly Numb” release is an incredible music video filmed on the New York subway. It features Sir Winston performing with W.A.F.F.L.E crew, a NYC based collective of Litefeet Subway Dancers including Kid The Wiz, Joel Leitch and Lady Slick.

"Perfectly Numb" is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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