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San Francisco songstress Carrie delivers full electronic r&b project 'iNSOLO'

Photo credit: Stacking Memories

San Francisco based songstress Carrie, having already released the first taste of her forthcoming EP ‘inSOLO’ with ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ and upbeat, euphoric offering ‘MEDICINE’ earlier this month, she now returns with the delivery of her full EP.

With echoes of electronic genres, and packed with divine, feminine energy, this romantic yet energetic production lends itself to an introspective listening experience while solidifying Carrie’s forthcoming project as a true sonic journey. Carrie is undoubtedly an artist born out of organic growth and collaboration, possessing a unique talent for transporting listeners to an otherworldly space. Following her introduction to production, Carrie found herself to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, from A&Rs to Artist Managers, all of whom were integral in setting Carrie on an upward trajectory.

With previous releases like ‘Somebody Else’, ‘Pray 4 Me’, and ‘Canary Yellow’ putting her name before a well-versed group of music fans, the US talent has secured major artist credits such as Oakland superstar ALLBLACK. As the word of her sonic expression continues to spread, Carrie has also seen her song ‘Chasing Sun’ featured on the Netflix original show Titletown High.

Through song creation, Carrie discovered a pure means of translating and understanding her emotions. Intrigued by interactions between people, especially where attachment and devotion show up in unexpected ways, the multi-talented artist is open to all avenues of creative exploration, from visual storytelling to music composition.

Uninhibited in her writing and unbound by a genre, Carrie sets herself apart as an incredibly singular artist with a unique production process. Stripping back to an accapella, signature piano melodies and transcendental synths are built around the vocal. The result being a multi-dimensional, exceedingly captivating release.

Throughout Carrie’s latest sonic odyssey, the artist reflects on the way in which this project has helped her to untangle her inner workings with the help of visionary producer Dimi, coming to terms with discomfort throughout her 20s. Her lyricism veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations and battles within herself. A superbly dream-like project, Carrie prepares to unveil her true artistic potential as she goes forth with full authenticity and raw honesty.

Speaking of her latest EP, Carrie said:

"This project has helped me untangle a lot of my inner workings. like therapy."

Stream 'iNSOLO' below:


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