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Rising songstress Tamara Dos Santos unveils her alluring new r&b single 'Feelin' Good'

Born in Portugal, Angolan, South-London based Tamara Dos Santos has become a rising talent of note within the last few years, crafting captivating and dimensional R&B releases as an independent and self-releasing artist. Amongst many accomplishments, Tamara’s most recent gig saw her perform at the V&A last summer alongside GUAP Magazine - celebrating black African artist in all forms of fashion, music and art with the evening turning into a huge celebration of Angolan culture, which is often not recognised in the UK.

After grasping the attention of listeners with an array of glistening and fierce releases, including tracks like ‘These Streets (Skit)’, ‘Foreign Thoughts’ and more, Tamara now returns with renewed energy across her latest single ‘Feelin’ Good’ - channeling her dreamy soul and R&B vibes with meaningful lyrics and unforgettable vocals that she’s best known for.

Tamara Dos Santos’ newest single ‘Feelin’ Good’ is an offering full of fun, energy and powerful vocals which showcases her personal growth, not only as an artist but as a woman. A luscious blend of english and portuguese flawlessly combine, before elevating atmospherics and soaring synths hit for the ultimate listening experience. It’s a release that takes her blossoming repertoire to the next level with strong R&B influences to keep listeners hooked.

‘Feelin’ Good' is about being positive and coming into ones self. This record allows my supporters to know more about my roots through the quip, using a blend of English and Potugese lyrics. If a song truly encapsulated me as an artist, then this track is the perfect song to express this!’ - Tamara Dos Santos

Tamara Dos Santos grew up in Portugal. Releasing there was not a lot of representation except in music videos where she would memorise the high notes that Mariah Carey would reach, or dance routines she’d see Janet Jackson do in her music videos. Coming into her own, Tamara developed her sound and headlined a university showcase in 2017, hosted by her managers alongside Mo Gilligan, Michael Dappaah and Yxng Bane. Following this milestone in her career, she had a feeling to continue fuelling the fire that had long been burning inside of her and continue her pursuit of becoming an artist. Her essence is feminist of legends including Venna, Emil, Jaz Karis, Shane’s Universe, Mahalia with a modern take of Black British and alternative R&B.

'Feeling' Good' is now out on streaming platforms. Check it out below:


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