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Rising songstress Novaé embarks on journey of self-discovery as she shares all-encompassing EP ‘444'

Photo credit: Sian Hermione

Rising songstress Novaé hailing from North-west London is well-versed in the art of all-encompassing productions. Following the release of healing offering ‘Grow’ last month, Novaé now returns to deliver her second full EP ‘444’. Infused with a gentle and affectionate production style that brilliantly complements her enchanting vocals, the talent’s latest project firmly establishes Novaé as an exceptional and original rising artist to watch. If you're a fan of Jaz Karis or Cleo Sol, then you won't want to miss this talented newcomer.

Having created a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously alternative r&b sounds and echoes of groovy toplines, the songstress has stirred up an all-encompassing sonic experience. By fusing the perfect melodic and upbeat instrumental flares with soft tones and seamlessly integrating them, Novaé’s latest project is helplessly intoxicating - one that could lend itself to a powerful introspective listening experience.

Packed with divine, spell-binding energy, Novaé’s continued journey of self-discovery strikes the perfect balance of ethereal cadence and recite-worthy hooks, resulting in a superbly journeyed project. As the songstress continues to draw influence from her counterparts while injecting pleasing, unexpected flips into her output, her unruffled and effortlessly captivating delivery is one that resonates with every alternative r&b lover.

Speaking on her latest offering, Novaé said:

“It means slowing down and being present. Expressing more gratitude. Being less serious and more carefree. And most importantly loving myself.”

As ‘444’ luxuriates in the most sublime sounds of Novaé’s catalogue so far, it supports an ever-growing discography packed with earthy, groovy releases. Illustrating thought-provoking, lovesick vignettes while providing a sense of escapism for listeners, the result is an all-encompassing, exceedingly captivating EP.

'444' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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