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Phoenix hailing wordsmith pretty ghetto drops coming of age EP 'LEMME DANCE'

Photo credit: Adam Corona, Oswald Reid

Hailing from the Valley Of The Sun, rising artist Josiah Medina or pretty ghetto is well versed in the art of sonically storming production. Armed with the distinct drawl of his hometown, if he were to put ‘Alchemist’ at the top of his resumé, nobody could question it. Following the release of a superbly varied project ‘October Money !’ already this year, the unique talent now returns with his latest offering ‘ice cream shop’ as part of his forthcoming EP ‘‘LEMME DANCE’.

Having created a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously eccentric hip hop sounds and echoes of greats who have gone before him, the master of alchemy has stirred up some magic yet again. By choosing the perfect musical elements and seamlessly integrating them, this new offering lends itself to an introspective listening experience that is helplessly intoxicating yet could just as easily turn up the heat in a club setting.

Crooning over a journeyed beat on ‘ice cream shop’, pretty ghetto strikes the perfect balance of mellow cadence and recite-worthy hooks resulting in a cleverly complex track in wonderfully simple clothing. As Medina continues to interlink classic, evergreen rap styles with pleasing, unexpected flips, his signature unruffled and unhurried flow is one that resonates with every hip hop lover.

Since the day pretty ghetto realised his zest for production, he has consistently worked to develop his craft and collate ever-growing knowledge. Grounded in his Mexican-American roots, the emerging wordsmith seeks to discover a pure means of translating and understanding his culture and environment in all he releases.

His latest delivery explores a duality of ideas and emotion, as his crisp delivery and unique production style blends two polar opposite tracks. Coupled with his stoic, efficient rap style and winking wit, this is an artist born out of pure organic growth. As his dynamic background and points of reference ground him, he embarks on a coming of age journey. The result being a truly exceptional creation.

Speaking on his latest offering, pretty ghetto said:

“You can dance, drive, cry, or kick it with some friends with my music on, because there's a universal experience that is woven into my songs. ice cream shop translates to the feeling of being alive, as well as accepting the highs with the lows - whenever and wherever they may arise.”

Stream 'ice cream shop' and 'LEMME DANCE' below:


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