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PØSTERCHILD introduces Alaska to an international stage with new club heater ‘Heaven Is A Rave’

Photo credit: Jesse Rosenstein

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, DJ and producer PØSTERCHILD aka Taylor Mapes is no stranger to a feel-good electronic cut. Armed with a modern take on techno and breakbeat, and following the release of his first club heater ‘Piece Of Me’ in 2022, the euphoria-driven artist now returns with his brand-new studio release ‘Heaven Is A Rave’.

Drawing inspiration from 90s and early 2000s house, trance and techno music and praising it for prioritisation of intoxicating soundscapes and catchy production cuts, PØSTERCHILD has spent the last few years perfecting his craft to produce high-energy euphoric dance music.

As the summer season approaches, ‘Heaven Is A Rave’’ exists freely to remind dance music lovers that variety and energy remain key words all year round. Envisioning a driving breakbeat supporting a crisp topline, the budding beatmaker creates a pure, unadulterated, sonic experience in his latest offering.

Alongside a signature driving bassline and stacked synths, ‘Heaven Is A Rave’’ delivers a new-found exhilarating energy, fusing teasing builds with a smooth topline to produce a fun yet poignant track.

“It’s about how music can be an emotional release. It’s meant to sound like sonic ecstasy on the dancefloor.” - PØSTERCHILD

His latest offering is decorated with the sounds of sonic ecstasy and as PØSTERCHILD recognises the complexity and depth that sampling brings, his sound continues to evolve. Harnessing dreamlike concepts is second nature to the beatsmith, as he invites listeners into his headspace while imagining a rave in heaven.

As PØSTERCHILD injects nostalgic rave sounds into contemporary pop music soundscapes, he embarks on the next stage of his career and continues to forge his way. This release delivers several irresistible climactic moments to heat up the dancefloor, propelling the independent artist towards an upward trajectory.

Stream 'Heaven Is A Rave' below:


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