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Orangekake embraces authenticity as she shares her second studio single ‘Voodoo’

Songstress Orangekake is well-versed in the art of compelling productions. Following the development of an uplifting r&b-packed catalogue of sonic goodness, the rising talent now seeks to uncover a more raw, direct style of storytelling. Armed with a new take on infectious r&b productions and of course her signature enchanting vocal, Orangekake now returns to the spotlight with ‘Voodoo’, effortlessly stepping into the most authentic version of herself.

With previous r&b stormer ‘Daddy Issues’ putting her name before a well-versed group of music fans, the unique talent maintains her zest for providing thought-provoking commentary, while continuing to discover a pure means of translating and understanding her experiences.

Echoes of futuristic genres are packed with divine, feminine energy in her latest unique, laid-back production. As the songstress reflects on her own personal growth and empowerment, she realises the futility of seeking universal approval and embraces the idea of living authentically.

Orangekake’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations and battles within herself as she gradually creates a jigsaw of challenging musings. With the creative input of producer Ola Frøyen, the delivery is supported by smooth, infectious melodies and a superbly rich topline; all in great anticipation of a euphonious chorus, tantalising drum patterns add the finishing touches as this collaboration captures the true essence of Orangekake's journey.

Orangekake as a concept embodies the idea of embracing your true self, especially where challenges show up in unexpected ways. As Orangekake invites listeners to join her on a transformative journey of self-discovery, the multi-talented artist now seeks to unlock her most unapologetic, brave and bold self. The result? A multi-dimensional, exceedingly captivating release.

'Voodoo' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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