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NYC beatmaker Ducktail makes his official entrance with debut stormer ‘Over’

Photo credit: Robby Haribowo Kusumo

Hailing from NYC, accomplished producer Ducktail is no stranger to a feel-good electronic cut. Armed with a modern take on future bass and electro pop, Ducktail’s top-notch production skills have earned him accolades from the likes of Pete Tong as he has quietly perfected his craft behind the curtain. Now triumphantly stepping into the spotlight with Summer stormer ‘Over’, he joins forces with Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling artist Kristal Oliver as he officially introduces himself to listeners worldwide.

“Over is a story of new beginnings – it's a celebration of human pursuit". - Ducktail

Drawing inspiration from his own personal journey, ‘Over’ marks the beginning of a thematic three-part release summer saga for Ducktail as he begins a new chapter. Swapping Wall Street for waveform and spreadsheets for the studio, Ducktail innately draws inspiration from his own unfeigned experiences - from travel to photography.

Effortlessly transitioning into his now public moniker, ‘Over’ exists freely to remind dance music lovers that excitement and inspiration remain key words all year round. Envisioning a groove-oriented bassline supported by energetic multi-layered leads, the beatmaker creates a pure, unadulterated sonic experience in his latest offering.

Having spent recent years perfecting his craft to produce music with an intoxicatingly energetic spirit, Ducktai’s debut offering is decorated with the sounds of sonic ecstasy while his collaborator Kristal Oliver delivers an undeniably elevating topline. As Ducktail demonstrates the complexity and depth that collaboration brings, his signature sound is set to reach new heights.

Injecting nostalgic rave sounds into contemporary electro pop music soundscapes, Ducktail now embarks on the next stage of his career and continues to plough his own furrow. This release delivers several irresistible climactic moments to heat up the dancefloor, and as Ducktail’s output shows itself to invoke true self-confidence, the multi-faceted producer connects with listeners through powerful positivity.

'Over' is out on streaming platforms now, listen below:


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