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MC Diggis shares anthemic hip hop bop 'Straight Chillin'

Diggis is an independent emcee who loves and lives hip-hop culture. He has performed around Australia, and New York, and supported a range of Australian and international artists from a variety of genres. His conscious, soulful, positive, and lyrical styles have been influenced by all types of music, but mainly reggae, and hip-hop. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and upbringing in his hometown Kuranda and FNQ. He returns with fresh material to release in 2023.

“I am ready to turn it all the way up.”

Throughout these last couple of challenging and testing years, Diggis turned to his creative outlets to help cope and stay grounded. Staying creative is an important part of his lifestyle and goals. Rhyming flows is more than a hobby for him; he embraces the fruitful life of living with hip hop and contributing to the culture.

His latest offering, ‘Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance’ is a hip hop track infused with different styles like soulful, 90s Boom Bap, and old school. Diggis created a smooth and conscious anthem to tap into a peaceful and aware frame of mind and energy. The tune is impactful with its storytelling, relaxing and positive vibes, and overall the chill liveliness that will engage the listener from the very beginning.

Pushing positive hip hop music is part of the way Diggis represents himself and strives for progress locally, socially, and globally. He reaches for balance and an authentic substance, work and play, progress and chillin’, the best of both perspectives to navigate the next steps forward through this uncharted territory.

Produced by the beat-making legend Phoniks, co-founder of Don’t Sleep Records, Diggis positive lyrics and energy flow over the super smooth instrumental very confidently and naturally; a very suitable match of energies.

The track is a sequel to ‘Straight Chillin’ (Pt1)’ on his debut album, Small Town Stories. It felt like the right time to release this to celebrate his evolution and growth, and dedication on moving forward. ‘Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance’ sees Diggis elaborating on the original ‘chilling in the rainforest on your day off’ concept. To also rhyme about the balance, responsibilities in life, spiritual growth, and healthy living.

Speaking on his latest offering, Diggis said:

“The song is a self reminder, a symbol of growth, and a new chapter in the journey of self improvement and discovery.”


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