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KOTO KILL: 'Fromage et Fashion'

Curated by UK based producer and creative, Gabriel Ralls, KOTO KILL showcases a body of work that’s uncompromising in nature, exploring electronic sounds that exudes an experimental approach to collaborative pieces.

London based, Somerset-raised Gabriel Ralls (A.K.A KOTO KILL) fits the classic "small town boy" paradigm - but defies expectation with big ideas and an eclectic approach to music. Being brought up on a healthy mixture of Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, his teenage discovery of metal, electronic rock and the IDM (Warp Records) scene proved a fundamental step in shaping the producer’s discography today. Promoting the release of his latest musical endeavour, ‘Téléphone Party’ reached audiences on the 18th April with a high production video to accompany, proving an exciting yet unpredictable glimpse into Koto Kill’s latest album entitled ‘Fromage Et Fashion’.

Since Koto Kill’s debut in 2018 with ‘Fight Us All’, ‘Fromage Et Fashion’ is an eclectic yet irreverent 14 track satire founded in electronic influences. A creative process spanning four years and featuring an array of talent from across Europe, the series showcases Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, German, Danish, Italian, French, Irish, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Recruiting an assortment of notable musicians to help Koto Kill’s project come to life, ‘Téléphone Party’ was the first song written and portrays the most chic-murder in a tongue-in-cheek love letter to French cinema and electro-music. “A story of Love, Murder, and Fashion”, Exploring themes of stereotypes and a ‘Femme Fatale’ lead - played by Louise Devismis - the beat heavy music pays homage to French-electro discotheque. Juxtaposing this light hearted nature of the legendary genre, attentive listeners will hear subtle horror noises in the background of the song, foreshadowing the fate of the male lead.

Directed & Produced by Gabriel Ralls, Assistant Producer: Alesha Desai, Starring Louise Devismes & Gabriel Ralls

Written during a culturally fractious time that surrounded the UK and European Union, each track’s genre defies the last. With each song holding its own identity and originality - broken up with Jazz ‘interludes’ to synergise the listening experience - ‘Fromage Et Fashion’ is a loving pastiche to European Culture.

A passionate collection of songs that is relatable and thoughtful, KOTO KILL's uncanny ability to meld organic and electronic sounds makes for a soul-stirring and innovative musical offering.

'Fromage et Fashion' is out on streaming platforms now. Check it out below:


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