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Irish hip hop artists objectsnwo X xcaliber drop their ode to home 'HOMESICK'

Press photo credit: Wale Kunle, @ojsgram,

Homegrown Hip Hop artists Objectsnwo and XCaliber, hailing from Ireland are well versed in the art of authentic productions. Having worked together for over five years, they now reunite with an ode to their hometown ‘HOMESICK’, their latest project. Having already released a truly superb teaser ‘COLD ALL SUMMER’ this September, the two now prepare to deliver their best work yet.

Inspired by the likes of Post Malone, the late Mac Miller and Lil Peep, music is a tool for the duo to not only face adversity, but to work through it. Their latest project presents a unique journey undertaken by the listener, from upbeat club stormers to tracks that lend themselves to a more introspective listening experience.

The Irish duo are undoubtedly artists born out of organic growth, possessing a unique talent for inviting listeners into their thoughtful headspace. With a zest for collaboration and a desire to channel their everyday contemplations, their forthcoming project sees the two join forces with the likes of J.F.O., whose verses have elevated the project to new heights, and Patrick Griffin on guitar, putting ‘HOMESICK’ before a well-versed group of music fans.

Taking the Irish music scene to places it hasn’t been before, the duo has their resourcefulness to thank. Producing hits from what was once a dusty attic, Objectsnwo and Xcaliber refused to let circumstances define them.

The combination of Xcaliber’s creative and raw beats paired with Objectsnwo in the booth is something you truly don’t want to miss. Having spent the past year perfecting their new offering, ‘HOMESICK’ features handcrafted beats built from the ground up and a masterclass in song writing from the underground rising talents.

From tracks reminiscent of 90s boom bap hip hop like “BACK2BASICS” to ballad-esque songs like “HEART OF STONE” and “NO NO NO” this project is a diamond in the rough waiting to be uncovered by the music industry. In a world full of people not saying much through their music, this pairing sure is saying a lot.

Stream 'HOMESICK' below:


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