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International sensation OMI delivers his first offering of 2023 ‘Formula’

International sensation OMI caught the attention of millions following his string of viral releases, including his world-renowned single ‘Cheerleader’. Having spent six weeks at No.1, going 5x Platinum and garnering over two billion streams, the Jamaican hailing artist has spent time recharging his mind, body and soul at home. Now entering a new chapter of his career, he is set to fuse elements of pop, reggae and dancehall as he returns to the spotlight to deliver his first single of 2023 ‘Formula’.

Following a lifelong development of an uplifting, dancehall-infused catalogue of sonic goodness, OMI has stirred up some magic yet again. By seamlessly integrating elements of dancehall and pop and adding euphonious echoes of reggae fusion tones, this new offering lends itself to a unified summer experience as the warmer season approaches.

With echoes of OMI’s previous offerings, ‘Formula’ exists freely to remind fans that variety and energy remain key words all year round. As a signature topline borrows the sinuous rhythms of reggae, fans are carried by a dancehall groove with sensitive ears being sure to prickle. Fusing teasing builds with OMI’s superbly smooth vocal, the uptempo, summery track encourages women to find beauty in themselves as they are, in a digital age that often pushes the other way.

Packing a punch with his playful, vibrant and energetic style, OMI's lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, as he enters a new era. Supported by mellow keys and the addition of horns; all in great anticipation of a hypnotic, euphonious chorus, driving bass and complimentary drum patterns add the finishing touches as the star injects unmatched energy into his new arrival.

Speaking of his latest release, OMI said:

“For the past little while I have been in the studio like a scientist in the lab. I have been writing, recording, mixing and remixing to put out the right ‘Formula’ for my now grown ‘Cheerleaders’ . Let’s just call this segment of my new releases ‘After Hours’… dis right here is grown folk business!”

Stream 'Formula' below:


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