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  • Millie May Forrest

DMV native Dreemy Alpha showcases his multi-talented disposition with latest offering ‘Ooh’

Hailing from the DMV, aka District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Dreemy Alpha is a seasoned artist, executive producer, director, and graphic designer who is taking the hip-hop and rap industry by storm. Having spent years manoeuvring behind multiple successful rap entities as he built his own brand, using his graphic and cinematography skill set, he now returns to the spotlight with his brand-new single ‘Ooh’.

Dreemy Alpha's music caught on around sets and studios, becoming encouraged by DMV Hometown Heroes, Fat Trel, 3ohBlack, WillThaRapper, and more to take his music seriously. This is why it was no surprise his first official debut single ‘K.I.L.L.A,’ quickly climbed the charts to #40 on iTunes. The album, ReLOADN, also debuted at #13 on the charts as well. Legends such as T-Pain have taken to Twitch and Twitter to show their support, reacting to the hit record in excitement. Dreemy Alpha is now a touring artist with constant radio spins, who is quickly becoming a household name.

In many ways, ‘Ooh’ is a perfect example of Dreemy Alpha’s artistic journey. There’s an energetic vibe on the track with an infectious production that will turn heads in his direction upon the first beat.

This feel-good offering takes on anthemic soundscapes with an edge of rap and hip-hop flavouring. The vibrant track has a smooth yet bouncy atmosphere with a sense of confidence to it. Sonically, ‘Ooh’ swells with synths, has a silky smooth drum and 808 offering, and an unmissable boastful rhyming pattern intoned by Dreemy Alpha.

Speaking of his latest offfering, Dreemy Alpha said:

“‘Ooh’ is a dope confident party song. The track honestly came together organically. When I heard the beat I just went into the booth and just felt like saying ‘Ooh!’ Everything else just fell into place melodically.”

'Ooh' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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