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D.K. Lyons lifts the weight of the world from his shoulders with infectious pop offering

Hailing from a bustling Manhattan, Massachusetts-born singer, songwriter and producer D.K. Lyons is well-versed in the art of juggling unique talents. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and his signature 80’s infused sound, Lyons now returns to the spotlight with a new playful yet reflective offering ‘Everything Is Wonderful’.

Following his string of popular releases like ‘Where Do All The Sad Girls Go?’ and ‘When We Were Falling In Love’, it’s clear Lyons recognises his unique talent for communicating relatable experiences, drawing inspiration from the likes of Charlie Puth and The 1975 and praising them for their catching production cuts and no nonsense lyricism respectively.

From recording cassette demos at age 10 and honing his craft with open mic nights to triumphantly entering a recording studio for the first time in 2018, D.K. Lyons has developed his craft to become a truly conceptual artist, envisioning layered synths and guitar riffs working alongside each other to create a pure, unadulterated pop experience.

With this offering packing a punch with its playful, vibrant style, the rising artist draws inspiration from greats who have gone before him while inviting listeners into his headspace and contemplating life and all that encompasses it. As the rising songsmith informs his latest offering with modern and synth pop fusion tones, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ started its journey influenced by the synth patterns of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’.

D.K. Lyon’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations and battles within himself as he gradually creates a jigsaw of challenging musings. Supported by welcome additions of unhurried drum patterns plus an effortlessly intoxicating topline; all in great anticipation of a euphonious chorus, stacked synths add the finishing touches as the rising star personifies his emotions and injects pure joy into all of his work.

With a natural propensity for floating between mellow and upbeat productions, this versatility is very much reflective of his personality and naturally, the ever-shifting emotions of his listeners. Entering a new era, with a sharp focus on creating pop excellence, the pop sensation envisions a multitude of creative influences interlocking to create a pure, unadulterated sonic experience.

Speaking on his latest offering, D.K. Lyons said:

“Everything is Wonderful is an infectious dance-pop song focused on appreciating the little things in life as a way to balance out the weight of the big things, told through the lens of a charming and sensual love story. It is one of my favourite songs that I've written because it's really addressing me and kind of telling myself to stop and enjoy life more, because I get so wrapped up in my ambitions and being "productive" that I often lose sight of just how wonderful life can be. It represents a fresh, different sound that I can't wait to share with people.”

'Everything Is Wonderful' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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