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D.K. Lyons delivers another pure pop experience with offering ‘Fake Ray-Bans’

Photo credit: Cassandra Kornhiser

Hailing from a bustling Manhattan, Massachusetts-born singer, songwriter and producer D.K. Lyons is well-versed in the art of juggling unique talents. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and a signature vocal cadence, D.K. Lyons now returns to the spotlight with a playful yet reflective offering ‘Fake Ray-Bans’ - delivering a fun 80s-infused sound that ignites the summer season and prickles the ears of many.

Following his string of popular releases like ‘Where Do All The Sad Girls Go?’ and ‘When We Were Falling In Love’, ‘Everything Is Wonderful’, it’s clear Lyons recognises his unique talent for communicating relatable experiences. With every release capturing a new frame and inviting listeners into his headspace, D.K. Lyons is an emerging talent across a multitude of genres.

From recording cassette demos at age 10 and honing his craft with open mic nights to triumphantly entering a recording studio for the first time in 2018, D.K. Lyons has developed his craft to become a truly conceptual artist, envisioning layered synths and guitar riffs working alongside each other to create a pure, unadulterated pop experience.

D.K. Lyons noted:

Fake Ray-Bans is a personal pep talk wrapped up in an anthemic 80s pop sound. It's all about focusing on love, dedication, and passion packaged up in a Charli XCX-inspired pop song."

‘Fake Ray-Bans’ manifests as an upbeat, dreamy composition demanding groovy drums, stacked synths and creative ear candy complemented by an effortlessly intoxicating topline. All of this supports a euphonious chorus that is absolutely bound to get stuck in your head as the talent takes a deep dive into the sound of desire.

D.K. Lyon’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations within himself as he gradually creates a jigsaw of fantastical musings. Lyons has developed his craft into one that is fluid and adaptable. He composes according to how he’s feeling in the moment because the music must match his energy. D.K. Lyons envisions a multitude of creative influences interlocking to create a pure, unadulterated sonic experience.

'Fake Ray-Bans' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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