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Cameroonian songbird FUL embarks on artistic coming of age journey with offering 'Love & Affection'

Cameroonian pop and R&B music artist FUL is no stranger to creating music rooted in unfeigned experiences. In 2017, he was discovered on the French African franchise of The Voice, where he finished as the first runner-up. Now stepping into his full potential by establishing his most bold, authentic form of artistry, he delivers 'Love & Affection' - the first step towards establishing himself as the artist he seeks to be.

Over the last five years, FUL released some material via his Voice coaches label, before going independent. With a view that artistic freedom is a valuable asset for an artist, he is ready to finally be the artist that he always wanted to be and create the music he wishes to create. Refusing to shy away from authenticity, FUL sings about love, heartbreaks, depression, and more darker themes. He infuses genres of pop, R&B, Afro-Alte, while singing in both English and French.

“This song is kind of finding myself and coming back to what really made me do all the sacrifices I did in my life to do music and how I want to do it,” FUL comments on his musical journey.

FUL's latest offering holds a lot of emotional weight for the talent as he has always wanted to sing in English, after releasing songs in French for the last few years realising he wanted to take his music in a different direction. Today, singing in English and in French, he seeks to represent his varied journey and dynamic background in all that he creates.

‘Love & Affection’'s juxtaposition of melancholy, feel-good, and dance tones, coupled with pop and R&B soundscapes produces a track that envelopes the listener in an ambient moment. As FUL embarks on this artistic coming of age journey, his sound continues to evolve... but for the listeners? A golden delivery to playlists to ignite the summer season .

“‘Love & Affection’ is about that moment you decide not to fall in love again and somehow life brings you this person that completely bows down and breaks all your predictions and decisions. And you commit yourself to love her although you still have the past pains because she gives you the love and affection you’ve always wanted.” - FUL

'Love & Affection' is out on streaming platforms now, check it out below:


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