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Belgian hailing rapper Glints and wordsmith Feux unveil visuals for their UK remix of 'Roma'

Hailing from vibrant Antwerp, Belgian-born rapper and singer Glints is no stranger to innovative productions. With a distinct UK accent born out of many trips across the pond and a cheeky chappy quality, the rising artist makes his highly anticipated, grand return to the spotlight with his UK remix of ‘Roma’, featuring wordsmith Feux and following on from the original release earlier this year.

A member of the ‘Abattoir Anvers’ collective, operating out of a defunct halal slaughterhouse in Antwerp, Glints has a creative hand in everything from production, to artwork, to shooting videos, working in-house for all creations.

Once a choirboy, Glints’ dyna

mic musical background grounds him, providing him with a unique perspective, allowing him to integrate contrasting sonic elements to create truly exceptional projects. His new offering is an epic example of this captivating result, as echoes of fierce, driving hip hop production are packed with unique additions of grandiose choirs and enveloping operatic elements. With the addition of North-West London hailing rapper Feux’s verse, building on the release with his signature whirling, lo-fi hip hop sound; Glints and Feux continue to successfully sew away from the seam and breathe some new life into the UK scene.

Glints is undoubtedly an artist born out of organic growth, possessing a unique talent for inviting listeners into his thoughtful headspace. With a zest for collaboration and a desire to explore his operatic roots further, this release sees Glints join forces again with his producer, dear friend and fellow member of ‘Abbattoir Anvers’ Yong Yello. A popular Belgian artist in his own right, this duo has seen prior success from collaborative singles such as ‘Bugatti’, ‘Gold Veins’ and ‘Lemonade Money’, the full album ‘Choirboy’ putting the ‘Glints’ name before a well-versed group of music fans.

Glints’ borderless and adventurous mentality is reflected in his discography, as he effortlessly floats between musical disciplines and consistently matures his sound. Setting himself apart as an incredibly singular artist with a unique production process, his latest release introduces a decidedly relatable paradox; highlighting the push and pull of a mature, efficient mindset with more chaotic, self-destructive, Dionysian like qualities. The result being a superbly thought-provoking creation that challenges musical boundaries and makes light of the world with its upbeat and breezy approach.

Speaking of 'Roma' (Remix), Glints mused:

“The track Is defined by grandiose choirs and horns fused with synths and beats. Never before was my upbringing as an opera choirboy so informative to my sound. Produced by my beat-brother-in-arms Yong Yello, the two of us set out to create a whole new majestic universe. In ‘Roma’ I rap about my and everyone’s split personality. On the one hand trying to be good, efficient and mature; on the other being self-destructive, manic, and Dionysian. In the verses I tried to keep myself in check, but with the motto ‘when in Rome’ as a call to arms, my impulses always seem to get the better of me. Feux’s verse sees the city metaphorically on fire. In the manic outburst of a chorus the genie gets out of the bottle as we hear an arena of people chanting ‘Roma Roma’. So let’s raise a glass to our mistakes!”.


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