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Baltimore native Jayneto drops highly anticipated track 'Rodeo' alongside Travis Thompson

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, affectionately named Charm City, rising artist Jayneto is well versed in the art of sonically charming production. Armed with the distinct drawl of his hometown, and following three storming releases already this year, the unique talent now returns with a highly anticipated collaboration. Featuring Seattle local Travis Thompson, who invites a fresh perspective and playful sound into the fold, the two young rappers are joining forces with their new offering ‘Rodeo’.

Since the day Jayneto stood witness to his Uncle’s talents as an instrumentalist, he has consistently worked to develop his craft and collate ever-growing knowledge. An artist born out of organic growth, Jayneto’s dynamic musical background grounds him, providing him with a unique perspective and allowing him to integrate sonic elements to create something truly exceptional.

With a zest for collaboration and a desire to explore his instrumental roots further, this release sees Jayneto join forces with his producer and homie Guy Beats. A popular US producer in his own right, dubbing himself as ‘your neighbourhood bedroom producer’, this new offering is an epic example of the captivating result that collaboration produces.

“Without him, there wouldn’t be a rodeo.”

Riding the impactful wave of his last project ‘Alcatraz’, released in 2021 and having collected over 1.5 million streams, Jayneto has a history of organic collaboration. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, he has collaborated with the likes of 11:11, 12am, Dylan Reese, Princelightskin, and W.B.K.

As ‘Rodeo’ hits streaming platforms, echoes of fierce, driving hip hop production are packed with unique additions of guitar and trumpet. Jayneto’s hard-hitting, crisp delivery, coupled with the powerfully evocative rhymes of Travis Thompson make for a truly thought-provoking creation.

“So this song was originally for an album of mine called “Freakshow, which isn’t quite finished,”. Instead, I decided to put it on my new album '…Where you can’t escape'. It floats the idea that as independent artists, we aren’t treated like other mainstream artists. In fact, I am a fan of Freakshows from back in the day. People would pay to see something different, and they were different indeed, nevertheless still human beings. They still experience emotion, they are us. I wanted to relate this concept to the way in which major labels take advantage of us alternative, underground artists. When I’m releasing a hype, upbeat track, I always want to send out a solid message that others can relate to.”

Stream 'Rodeo' below:


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